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Do you know your ring size?

When the right ring fits it can be your favourite piece of jewelry - but if it doesn't...well its not gonna be very functional.

I know all too well how shopping online - especially for rings, can be somewhat daunting. So to help avoid those disappointing moments here's some tips on how to work out your ring size when choosing that perfect ring.

Option 1: Measure Your Finger

For this method you will need a piece of string or you can cut out a strip of paper. Start by wrapping the paper or string around the base of the intended finger and then make a mark where it overlaps.

Measure the paper or string from the mark to the end and this will give you your circumference. Once you have this measurement use the conversion chart below to find your corresponding ring size.

Note: If your knuckle on the intended finger is drastically larger than the base of your finger then measure the knuckle as well and work out a size between the two measurements.

Option B: Measure a Ring you already have!

If you have a ring that already fits perfectly then you can take a ruler and measure the diameter of the ring. Do this by measuring from the inside edge of the ring to the opposite inside edge. Once you have your diameter you can use the below measurement-conversion chart to find your ring size.

To be extra sure do both Option A & Option B and check they match!

Some Extra Tips:

1. Ensure you are not too hot from rushing around or too cold when meausuring your finger (this can mean your fingers are a little swelled

2. If your knuckle is very large in comparison to the base of your finger take the circumference of both the knuckle and the base and then find the average.

Good Luck!

Ring Sizing Chart.jpg
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