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Handmade Jewelry

Proceeds support Wildlife Conservation in Zambia




Handmade jewelry made & inspired in Zambia, Africa. A range of conservation inspired designs from Zambia's wildlife & beyond with 5% of every sale donated to Wildlife Conservation.

From a CONSERVATION background, an INSPIRATION for wildlife & an eye for DESIGN - here is where the story began.

Join our story & create your own!

Featured Collections

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Sandy Toes & Ocean Dreams


This collection is still very much inspired by nature and the natural beauty that nature possesses.

This time my inspiration comes from the ocean, the beach & yes a bit of Bali and travel.



This collection is inspired by the wildlife of Zambia. Showcasing silver & oxidized paw prints and patterns of zebras, elephants, buffalo & so much more. If you are a sucker for wildlife you'll want to check this out.


Wild Wild Silver

This collection is inspired by the wild wild of Zambia from its incredible wildlife to the amazing textures that you will find in all its fauna. It shows off some beautiful sketches & silhouettes of iconic species set in silver creations.  Each piece is handmade & unique.

Reloved & Repurposed Materials

In some collections the conservation inspiration comes from the materials. In the reloved collection (the original Beyond Me Designs Collection) uses old vintage cutlery to re-create quirky & unique jewelry.

The Bullet Proof Collection re-purposes old bullet shells which would otherwise be discarded or thrown away into 'safari chic' wearable jewlery!


Meet the Maker

My name is Shaina & I am the designer and creator of Beyond Me Designs. I am originally from Lusaka, Zambia but now am a Southern Province farm girl based on a farm in Choma, Zambia (about 5 hours from Lusaka). I studied Education for Sustainability & Environmental Education where I then did my research and worked in the beautiful Lower Zambezi National Park.

How did I end up designing & creating jewelry? Good question.

We support conservation

Zambia is known for its breathtaking national parks & incredible range of wildlife that call Zambia home. Unfortunately Zambia is also heavily affected by poaching, wildlife trafficking, deforestation and other threats that threaten the survival of species and the natural environment in which they live.

Beyond Me Designs supports Musekese Conservation based in the largest National Park in Zambia - the Kafue National Park. 5% of every sale is donated back to this non-profit organization.

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